Hope's Happenings

Dates to Remember:
June 6th- Butterflies Graduation 10 am
June 7th- Lions Graduation 10 am
June 12th- Anything on Wheels Day
June 18th- Superhero Day
June 19th- Academy closed for Juneteenth Celebration
June 24-28- Vacation Bible School (Keepers of the Kingdom)
Happy Birthday
Micah- 10th
Ashton- 18th
Jenisha- 23rd
Christopher and Hunter- 29th

Charlena- 11th
Hails and Farewells 
We welcome Sheena as an afternoon substitute teacher.

Mara's Memos
I hope everyone is ready for summer and the heat! We have been blessed with a mild spring, but that’s about to change. Don’t forget to send in a water bottle daily and take it home on Fridays for a good washing. It is great to apply sunscreen in the morning before you drop off as the children go outside every day. If you plan on leaving sunscreen for us to reapply in the afternoon, please make sure to fill out a medication authorization form and leave both in the office. Do not leave any sunscreen, lotion, chapstick, bugspray, or medication in your child’s cubby. If the temperature outside factoring in the heat index is over 95 degrees we will limit outdoor play to 20 minutes at a time. If it is over 99 degrees we will implement indoor recess for the entire recess time. As a last summer reminder: I know sandals are cute and cool for the summer, but we prefer tennis shoes that protect the children’s feet while on the playground. NO flip flops.

Please let us know in writing at least two weeks in advance if your child will be leaving us. We have a short form you can fill out in the office or you can email us. If you paid the book fee for next school year and want to take the summer off, please let us know in advance. Please know that your child can not return until Aug 5th if you remove them for the summer. This option is only available for those entering our Threes or Fours next school year.

This month is busy with lots of fun activities. Please arrive early on the 6-7th so as not to disturb our graduation ceremonies. If you plan on taking your child home after graduation, please let the teachers know ASAP. For anything on wheels day, please bring a trike, scooter, etc for the children to ride in our parking lot during recess. Please no motorized vehicles. We also hope to have a “train” come visit this day to give the twos and up a ride during recess. Please arrive early on this day as well, as we will be blocking off our parking lot to keep the children safe. Your child can dress up as their favorite superhero on the 18th. And finally, we will have VBS for our Older Twos and up here the last week of June. As you can see, we are in for an exciting summer!

Things to Remember

  • Make sure you have a complete change of spring clothes, including socks, in your child’s cubby. Keep a light jacket/sweatshirt in the cubby year round. Sneakers recommended.
  • No drop off during nap time or after 10 am.
  • Tuition is due on Mondays. A $3 late fee will be added at noon starting on Wednesdays.
  • The credit card swipe fee is $2 every swipe.
  • Please send in a labeled water bottle every morning. We go outside every day.
  • Now that the sun is shining, please put sunscreen on your child before dropping off. If you want us to reapply in the afternoon, fill out a medication authorization form and leave the sunscreen with your teacher, not in the cubby.